Basic Video Production Workshop

Basic Video Production Workshop – KET Media Lab

Record useable and interesting video and audio every time for more effective multimedia projects

You and your students will learn how to plan and record events and news stories, interview students and teachers, and more in the Basic Video Production Workshop from the KET Media Lab.

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Practice the basics of video production in this hands-on workshop using a common camcorder, microphone, and other gear. We’ll also cover the basic jobs and procedures of a video news gathering crew.

In Basic Video Production, You and Your Students Will Learn How To:

  • Apply production techniques to curriculum projects
  • Work in teams to manage the different parts of production
  • Conduct interviews with techniques used by professionals
  • Write scripts for interviews and original productions
  • Communicate using production terminology
  • Plan and evaluate your video production project
  • Set up audio, lighting, and shot composition using handy tips
  • Use basic in-camera editing for post-production editing

Audience: Students, grades 4-12; teachers and staff, all grades
Length: 1 hour
Content Area: All
Available Year Round By Request

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